• The LUNA ecosystem collapsed and tens of billions of dollars in value was wiped off the market.
  • The aftermath of the above resulted in Three Arrows Capital, one of crypto’s biggest funds, collapsing completely. They used to manage about $10 billion in assets.
  • The ripple effect of the above has resulted in massive strains on several major crypto trading outlets and CEXs that include Voyager, Celsius, BlockFi, Babel Finance, and more. Some of these have filed for bankruptcy, and many more exchanges are secretly insolvent.

It’s why they say, “not your keys, not your tokens.”

The best place to keep your FLOKI tokens is IN YOUR WALLET.

  • Don’t share your private key/seed phrase with anyone or they can take over your wallet and your tokens.
  • Make sure you properly store your private key/seed phrase because if you lose it you won’t be able to regain access to your wallet or tokens again if anything happens to your device.
  • Be very careful when connecting your wallet to any website/app online; a lot of scammers are out there trying to steal from unsuspecting people. You can lose all your tokens if you connect to the wrong website/app. Make sure to double check the URL of key websites you interact with to make sure it is not a phishing/fake website impersonating the real one.
  • Don’t interact with strange tokens you see in your wallet; this means don’t send or approve them for swap. Doing so can compromise your wallet and result in you losing your tokens.
  • Double check your wallet address before sending tokens to it from a CEX; be triple sure you are actually sending tokens to YOUR wallet. If you send to the wrong address you most likely won’t be able to recover it, ever.



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