Floki to Launch Playable Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet February, 2022

Floki’s First-Mover Advantage in an $8T Market

Floki’s Flagship P2E Game: Valhalla

February, 2022: the Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet

Battle Arena Alpha Features

  • A prototype battle system involving two Vera (playable creatures):
    - Bear Vera
    - Hat Vera
  • Vera will move on a battlefield, making the game more intense, competitive and tactical.
  • Vera’s moves will be location-based (e.g. not simply click and hit).
  • Vera will have up to five abilities, accessible through up-leveling.
  • Vera will have different personalities that affect hidden growth stats (these will be patched at a later date).
  • Vera will have one of three runes, each with specific associated ability (ultimate).
  • Kovan Testnet will be on optimism (note: for tokens on testnet, people will be able to use https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/ daily to accumulate).
  • Clan Subscription System
  • Leaderboard
  • Additional Vera
  • Additional Abilities
  • Additional Runes
  • Additional Personalities

Feedback & Further Development

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