FLOKI Partners With Multipurpose Crypto Marketplace, Curate, to Further Solidify its Position as Meme With Utility

Curate is a multipurpose crypto marketplace with gasless NFT fees and a crypto-powered physical goods marketplace (think about it as a kind of crypto-powered Amazon).

The FLOKI partnership with Curate is strategic and will allow FLOKI to leverage Curate’s innovative gasless NFT solution for some of its NFT initiatives.

More importantly, Curate’s physical goods marketplace will be launching soon, and the FLOKI token will be available as a payment option as soon as partner token integrations are initiated.

Curate is currently partnered with Travala (which allows Curate’s XCUR token to be used to buy 3 million+ travel products and book over 2.2 million hotels and homes, 600+ airlines, 40,000+ activities in more than 230 countries), Jumia (widely regarded as the Amazon of Africa), Chainlink, Elrond, and e-Money which shows its strategic intent to be the leading force when it comes to crypto-powered e-commerce.

The FLOKI partnership with Curate means:

- FLOKI will be leveraging Curate’s innovative NFT tech for some of its NFT initiatives.

- FLOKI plans to use Curate’s NFT technology for special, exclusive NFT drops planned for FLOKI holders.

- Both projects will help leverage each other’s influence and community to help one another grow.

- FLOKI will sign up to Curate’s NFT marketplace and get a verified badge.

- FLOKI tokens will be available as a payment option on Curate’s physical goods marketplace which should launch roughly within a month (think about it as a kind of crypto-powered Amazon).

About Curate:

Curate is the world’s first blockchain-powered all-in-one marketplace.

A strong and respected brand in the NFT industry due to its innovative and gasless payment solution, Curate has helped projects save over $100,000 in gas fees. Curate’s agnostic blockchain “X-Chain” also provides a gasless multi-chain bridge which makes gasless NFT transactions possible.

Curate’s physical goods marketplace launching roughly within a month is poised to be an industry leader thanks to strategic partnerships with Jumia, Travala, Chainlink, and e-Money

Curate is a Carbon Neutral organization and has several social initiatives focused at helping make the world a better place.

This is one of FLOKI’s most exciting partnerships!

About FLOKI:

FLOKI is a community movement token and meme project with utility.

Besides the fact that the Curate partnership is with a strong, respected brand and a forward-thinking organization poised to dominate with its multipurpose crypto marketplace, the fact that FLOKI tokens will be available as a payment option on Curate’s multipurpose marketplace enhances the FLOKI token with more utility.

FLOKI’s utility roadmap also involves NFT plans, and some of this will involve using Curate’s innovative technology.



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FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com