Floki Vikings, the Diamond Hands NFT rewards are LIVE! Many Vikings held their FLOKI through the storms of the Floki Inu V2 launch. Their diamond hands kept Floki’s ship afloat and made for a smooth and successful launch. The Floki Inu team promised to reward these diamond hands Vikings, and we will now deliver on our promise!

Vikings, we present to you the Floki Inu GENESIS DIAMOND HANDS NFT collection. This collection includes a selection of BEAUTIFUL 3D Floki Inu designs to last long into the future as a trophy for all diamond hands Vikings. The designs are the work of talented designer @theblacksea_NFT. The Floki Inu NFTs may also have some future utility… ; look at your NFTs closely to see if you can find any clues!

To claim your Diamond Hands NFT rewards, please visit the Floki Inu NFT portal and connect your wallet. The claim portal automatically recognises qualified addresses for the Diamond Hands NFT rewards, so all you need to do is connect your wallet and claim your reward!

The breakdown of the rewards tiers are as follows.

You qualified if you:

We have only qualified the addresses that had more than 20 USD worth of FLOKI.

We have successfully integrated our NFT collection with OpenSea. To view your NFTs on OpenSea, simply connect your wallet to the OpenSea website and click the profile icon -> My Collection.

Overall, NINETY PERCENT of the Floki Inu community held their FLOKI tokens following the FLOKI V2 launch. The strength of the Floki Inu community’s DIAMOND HANDS is almost unheard of in crypto. The Floki Inu community are proving that they really are the strongest community out there: The Floki Vikings are cult-like in their commitment to Floki Inu, and their diamond hands will take Floki to Valhalla.

You fight with true Viking spirit and we honour you, Vikings.

Floki Inu is one brave puppy. A new crypto coin birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community.