Dear Vikings!

The much anticipated FLOKI ETH contract upgrade will be happening within the next 24 hours.

Our star dev, Jackie, has been at work testing and fine-tuning things over the past few days.

We are now ready to roll out the update!

This Medium article outlines the steps involved in the upgrade, what you need to do, and incentives we have planned for holders.

What do you have to do for the upgrade?

If you are on the ETH network, you don’t have to do anything before or after the contract upgrade.


Simply hold your FLOKI tokens in your wallet (as you always have) and you’re all good!

You will be airdropped FLOKI tokens on the new contract 1:1; this means you will get 100% of what you hold and will be perfectly fine!

What are the steps involved in the upgrade?

In basic terms, the upgrade will involve the following steps:

1. Trading will be disabled on the ETH FLOKI contract. This should happen within 12 hours or sooner; don’t take any unnecessary risks and keep your FLOKI tokens in your wallet.

Please note that this will ONLY apply to the ETH FLOKI contract. The BSC contract will be fine and tradeable throughout the upgrade.

2. The FLOKI ETH-BSC bridge will be disabled. This will be done immediately after trading is disabled.

3. A snapshot of all FLOKI ETH holders will be taken. A snapshot will be taken immediately after trading/bridge have been disabled to ensure that these holders are able to get FLOKI tokens 1:1 immediately after the upgraded contract is rolled out.

4. Liquidity will be supplied: This will be done after the snapshot is taken through a combination of extracting liquidity from the pool and team members contributing tokens to extract max liquidity.

Nobody will get new tokens as there will be no token sale/OTC deal. The token supply/distribution on the upgraded contract will EXACTLY mirror distribution/supply on the current contract at the time of disabling trading.

5. All holders will be airdropped tokens: The airdrop will take place immediately after liquidity has been added to the pool. All holders will receive a 1:1 airdrop according to the number of tokens they held at the time of the snapshot.

6. Liquidity will be locked for 265 years: Once steps 1–5 have been completed, liquidity will be locked for the max duration possible on Unicrypt. That is 265 years.

7. The FLOKI ETH-BSC bridge will be redeployed: This means you can easily move your tokens from the upgraded contract to the BSC network and vice versa. This will be the final step.

Special Incentives for the First 500 Buyers and Holders

In true FLOKI fashion, we have prepared a special surprise for the first 500 people to buy and HOLD the new contract tomorrow.

The first 500 buyers (and holders) on the upgraded contract will be getting a special Ruby FLOKI NFT.

The minimum buy is $100 to qualify for the Ruby FLOKI NFT.

Now, the thing about the Ruby NFT is that there will only ever be 500 of it… and the only way to get it is if you are one of the first 500 people to buy when we announce the upgraded contract tomorrow. You need to hold for at least 24 hours, too (that means not selling a single FLOKI token within this period).

To give you an idea how valuable this NFT will be, let me give you an overview of our current NFTs:

  • FLOKI currently has 3 unique NFTs: the Bronze, Silver, and Diamond NFTs.
  • These NFTs have unique features (to be revealed later) and will have utility in our BIG NFT Project to be announced at some point in the future. This NFT project will be tentatively named Project X.
  • The Diamond NFT is the most valuable of all the NFTs, has more special features, and will give more exclusive access to the FLOKI ecosystem as will be revealed soon.
  • Holders of the existing Diamond NFT will have special access to presales, OTC deals, airdrops, and more from both the FLOKI ecosystem and our partners in the future.
  • The Ruby NFT will be on par with the Diamond NFT (will have similar features and unlock the same features). However, only 500 will be minted. This means it will be A LOT more exclusive!
  • The ONLY way to get the Ruby NFT is by being one of the first 500 people to buy (minimum $100; and HOLD for at least 24 hours) when we release the upgraded contract tomorrow. You can still buy and hold to qualify even if you hold FLOKI already.

In Conclusion

The upgraded FLOKI contract that goes live in 24 hours will let FLOKI run faster, bigger, and better!

We have AMBITIOUS plans already, but trust us… the pace at which we’ll move after the upgraded FLOKI contract will shock the crypto world!

We’ll keep you updated as the upgrade takes place!

Floki Inu is one brave puppy. A new crypto coin birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community.