• FLOKI currently has 3 unique NFTs: the Bronze, Silver, and Diamond NFTs.
  • These NFTs have unique features (to be revealed later) and will have utility in our BIG NFT Project to be announced at some point in the future. This NFT project will be tentatively named Project X.
  • The Diamond NFT is the most valuable of all the NFTs, has more special features, and will give more exclusive access to the FLOKI ecosystem as will be revealed soon.
  • Holders of the existing Diamond NFT will have special access to presales, OTC deals, airdrops, and more from both the FLOKI ecosystem and our partners in the future.
  • The Ruby NFT will be on par with the Diamond NFT (will have similar features and unlock the same features). However, only 500 will be minted. This means it will be A LOT more exclusive!
  • The ONLY way to get the Ruby NFT is by being one of the first 500 people to buy (minimum $100; and HOLD for at least 24 hours) when we release the upgraded contract tomorrow. You can still buy and hold to qualify even if you hold FLOKI already.



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FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com