A Year in Review: A Look at Floki’s First Year and What Lies Ahead

A Global Movement

  • Partnering with 8 major international football clubs.
  • Partnering with a major Formula 1 team.
  • Running aggressive marketing campaigns in over a dozen countries including our widely publicized UK marketing campaign that featured Floki on 300 buses and all over the London Underground.

Building Schools and Fighting Food Insecurity

Institutional and Utility-Focused Partnerships

A Strong Utility Focus

  • Our Valhalla Metaverse P2E NFT game which is our flagship utility product.
  • The University of Floki crypto education platform.
  • The FlokiPlaces NFT and merchandise marketplace.
  • DeFi through strategic partnership and integrations.
  • The soon-to-be released “Project L” protocol.
  • The “Battle Arena” of our Valhalla game launched on the Optimistic Kovan testnet late February 2022 to rave reviews. We’ve introduced several patch updates since as well as new Vera showing we are more than capable of delivering something impressive to the crypto community.
  • The University of Floki beta which recently launched and has been well received by the Floki community.
  • Key DeFi integrations that show our desire to give people control of their finances.
  • The release of the much anticipated Gemstone NFTs.
  • The launch of Floki’s anticipated “Project L” protocol.
  • Planned DeFi staking and farming.
  • The release of the Floki Debit Card.
  • Initiating the final phase of the transition to full DAO.
  • The first release-worthy version of the Valhalla GameFi metaverse will go live on Optimistic testnet.

An Exciting Future Ahead



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FLOKI is the main utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. Learn more about FLOKI: https://floki.com