FLOKI’s NFT gaming metaverse, Valhalla, is currently being developed by a team of 11 people with combined team experience of over 50 years and plans to aggressively expand to a team of 20 to fast-track development.

This team is led by MrBrownWhale, a renowned crypto veteran and NFT expert and Jackie Xu, a blockchain veteran who has been in the industry for a decade and has worked with some of the biggest names in crypto.

The innovative game which features play to earn mechanics will be playable entirely on the blockchain. For perspective, Axie Infinity is the only other game…

Since 2017, ICO Pantera group has been South Korea’s leading growth accelerator and has built one of Korea’s largest, active blockchain networks paired with one of the most passionate investment communities out there.

Besides being the number one growth accelerator and leading crypto marketing company in South Korea, ICO Pantera is the official South Korean marketing partner to multi-billion dollar NFT giant Animoca Brands which developed Sandbox ($2.4 billion fully diluted market cap) and boasts of major NFT giants Axie Infinity ($4 billion market cap), OpenSea, and CryptoKitties in its portfolio.

ICO Pantera is also a major Korean partner and…

Valhalla, Floki Inu’s flagship utility product, seeks to be the first in the crypto space to implement onchain NFT interactions, allowing players to interact in a metaverse that pays its users for playing.

Floki Inu, as part of its effort in continuing to build out utility to its token, has unveiled its flagship project named Valhalla. Valhalla is an NFT metaverse game run on the Floki Inu token.

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have transitioned from being a lesser known, side show, to the crypto world, to becoming one of the most significant pieces of the crypto industry. One of…

New partnership with the Million Gardens Movement makes Floki Inu one of its first crypto based partnerships; two movements will be working together to inspire a happier and healthier world.

Floki Inu has branded itself as a “movement token.” What better partnership, then, than with another major movement?

Floki Inu endeavors into its first non-utility-based partnership in this strategic move to continue to solidify it as the most ambitious dog meme token in all of crypto. Floki Inu, although focused on utility, is a movement token at its core with an emphasis in valuing community.

With a community minded emphasis…

New partnership makes FLOKI one of the select few projects that can use Curate’s innovative gasless NFT solution and will allow for FLOKI tokens to be used as payment on Curate’s crypto marketplace in the near future.

Curate is a multipurpose crypto marketplace with gasless NFT fees and a crypto-powered physical goods marketplace (think about it as a kind of crypto-powered Amazon).

The FLOKI partnership with Curate is strategic and will allow FLOKI to leverage Curate’s innovative gasless NFT solution for some of its NFT initiatives.

More importantly, Curate’s physical goods marketplace will be launching soon, and the FLOKI token will be available as a payment option as soon as partner token integrations are initiated.

Curate is currently partnered with Travala (which allows Curate’s XCUR token to be used to buy 3 million+ travel products and book…

Dear Vikings!

The much anticipated FLOKI ETH contract upgrade will be happening within the next 24 hours.

Our star dev, Jackie, has been at work testing and fine-tuning things over the past few days.

We are now ready to roll out the update!

This Medium article outlines the steps involved in the upgrade, what you need to do, and incentives we have planned for holders.

What do you have to do for the upgrade?

If you are on the ETH network, you don’t have to do anything before or after the contract upgrade.


Simply hold your FLOKI…

Floki Vikings, the Diamond Hands NFT rewards are LIVE! Many Vikings held their FLOKI through the storms of the Floki Inu V2 launch. Their diamond hands kept Floki’s ship afloat and made for a smooth and successful launch. The Floki Inu team promised to reward these diamond hands Vikings, and we will now deliver on our promise!

Vikings, we present to you the Floki Inu GENESIS DIAMOND HANDS NFT collection. This collection includes a selection of BEAUTIFUL 3D Floki Inu designs to last long into the future as a trophy for all diamond hands Vikings. The designs are the work…

Dear Vikings!

As you know, FLOKI will be upgrading its ETH contract in a few days’ time.

This Medium article presents everything you need to know.


  • You don’t have to do anything; just hold your FLOKI tokens and you will get 100% what you hold.
  • You can still buy right now; holders at the time of upgrade will get something special.
  • Liquidity will be locked IMMEDIATELY after deploying the upgraded contract.
  • This allows for major projects and CEXs to easily integrate FLOKI.
  • This removes transfer tax from the ETH FLOKI contract.
  • This fixes the marketing tax issue with the…

New partnership lets you use your FLOKI tokens to make purchases on 1,700+ stores including Amazon, Apple, PlayStation, Uber, and Netflix.

If there is one rhetoric Floki Vikings are used to, both from critics and FUDDERS alike, it is this:

FLOKI is just an ordinary meme coin without utility.

Of course, FLOKI is more than a meme coin — and, since the Floki community and team understand the importance of fundamentals in crypto, we have been particular about making this the meme coin with utility.

What happens when you combine the power of a passionate meme community with the knowledge…

The first two weeks of the Floki Inu relaunch have been eventful. Floki has been focused on preparing his ship and Viking crew for their epic journey, weathering many storms as we set out! This Medium post provides updates on Floki Inu over the past week, and our successes in laying the groundwork for our next steps!

The Binance Smart Chain launch

Floki Inu successfully launched to BSC on July 23rd.Floki Inu launched on PancakeSwap following a successful audit by Solidity.

The BSC launch has been a huge success for Floki Inu.

Thanks to contributions from an inner circle of supporters, who were vetted both…

Floki Inu

Floki Inu is one brave puppy. A new crypto coin birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community.

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